BEWARE! Burglars Can Break Down ANY Locked Door in Under a Minute—Only This Device Can Stop Them!

Aug 29, 2022 at 11:29am EDT | Sponsored Content


Door Defense Kept My House and Family Safe When Nothing Else Could!

I never used to worry about home security, but that changed after our daughter was born. With a newborn baby in the house, I wanted our home to feel extra safe.

We didn’t have the money for a fancy security system, so instead I setup some motion activated lights in the backyard.

Not long after that, we started to hear about break-ins around the neighborhood. My wife was worried, but I reassured her. Our neighbors had probably just been careless, forgotten to lock a door or close a window. We wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Besides, our house had an ultra-heavy-duty door with a deadbolt and a chain.

As Long as We Kept Our Door Closed and Locked, We Were Totally Safe…

At least that’s what I thought until someone robbed my friend Marvin’s house a couple streets over. Marvin is a smart and careful guy, so I knew he wouldn’t do something stupid like leave a door unlocked.

The day after the burglary I went over to his place and I was shocked by what I saw: The door was completely smashed!

Marvin told me that someone had kicked the door in, breaking through the deadbolt, and then cut through the chain with bolt cutters.

I didn’t think that was possible, but the cops told Marvin it happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how strong your door is, standard locks just can’t stand up to repeated kicks.

If a Burglar Is Determined to Break-in, They Can Kick Down a Door in Less Than 60 Seconds!

All of a sudden I was very worried. If this could happen to Marvin, it could happen to me too.

I still couldn’t afford a full-scale security system, so I started looking for other ways to improve my home security, and that’s when I came across an ad for Door Defense.

Door Defense is an incredibly strong temporary lock that reinforces your door, turning it into a fortress-like barrier. It’s made of a special aircraft-grade alloy that’s basically indestructible.

It uses leverage to redistribute pressure from the lock throughout the entire door, making it virtually impossible for anyone to break through.

I was a little skeptical at first, it looked too small and simple to be really effective, but I decided to order one and try it out.

I had my wife lock me outside using Door Defense and then I tried to force my way back in. I’m a big guy, 6'2, 215lbs, but even when I threw my entire weight against the door, it wouldn’t budge!

She didn’t even need to use the deadbolt, Door Defense worked all on its own!


door-lock-latch-plate door-lock-latch-plate

It’s incredibly fast and easy to use, it only takes a couple seconds to get it in place. We got in the habit of setting it up every night before we went to bed.

Just knowing Door Defense was there gave me peace of mind. Little did I know, it would be put to the test very soon…

A couple weeks later, I was woken up in the middle of the night. Something had triggered the security lights outside. At first I assumed it was just the neighbor's cat, but then I heard movement by the front door.

The doorknob rattled and then there was a loud BANG! Someone was trying to break-in!

There was another BANG and I could see the whole door shaking.

I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. “I’M CALLING THE COPS!” I shouted, thinking that would scare them off… but it didn’t.

The banging only became louder and faster. It sounded like they were throwing their whole body against the door! I was terrified it would burst open at any minute, but Door Defense didn’t budge.


Whoever was out there kept at it for another five minutes before finally giving up and running off. Scariest five minutes of my life!

The police arrived a few minutes later and when I opened the door for them, I saw how much damage that psycho had done. There were huge cracks and dents throughout the entire door!

If it hadn’t been for Door Defense, they would have broken in for sure. Then who knows what would have happened…

Now That I Know How Easy It Is to Break Down a Door, I Tell Everyone to Get Door Defense

This is why I recommend it:

  1. It’s super easy to get one. You just order it online and it will arrive at your door within a week or so.
  2. It’s fast and easy to use. It works on any door and only takes a few seconds to get it locked in place.
  3. It turns your door into an unbreakable barricade! It stops ANYONE from entering, even people who have keys! That means you can even use it in hotels, hostels, or rooms in your house that don’t have locks.

Door Defense saved me and my family! If you want to protect your house or your loved ones, you NEED to get a Door Defense lock for yourself! YOUR SAFETY IS WORTH IT!


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